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a. Silverton’s engineering policy requires compliance with ORS Chapter 672 for professional engineers, land surveyors, photogrammetrists, and geologists. The following requirements are applicable to the design of streets, grading plans, sanitary sewers, storm drain systems (including detention systems) and water distribution and storage facilities.

1) All engineering drawings, reports, or documents designated herein are to be prepared by a professional engineer registered in the State of Oregon (or by a subordinate employee under the Engineer’s direction) and signed by the engineer of record and stamped with their seal indicating responsibility.

2) It is the Design Engineer's responsibility to review any and all proposed extension(s), modification(s) or improvement(s) of a public utility system with the City prior to final engineering and design to ascertain any special requirements or whether the proposal is satisfactory. Preliminary review and/or approval of drawings does not relieve the Design Engineer of their responsibility to meet all City requirements nor the obligation to otherwise protect life, health and public property. Drawings may be required to be revised or supplemented at any time if the City determines that the full requirements of the City have not been met.

3) Any Engineer submitting false or inaccurate information of a material nature will be notified in writing thereof and given the opportunity to correct that information. The Oregon State Board of Engineering Examiners will also be advised by the City.