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These design standards have been developed by the City of Silverton to provide a uniform set of standards for public improvements. The intent of these standards is to provide guidelines for the construction of public facilities that will provide an adequate service level for the present as well as for future development. The format has been kept brief and no attempt has been made to cover all possible situations or to provide lengthy explanations.

These design standards are intended to be used in conjunction with the City's Public Works Construction Standards (i.e. the Oregon Standard Specifications for Construction- OSSC (ODOT/APWA), most recent edition except as otherwise noted herein). In the event of discrepancies between the standards in these PWDS and the Public Works Construction Standards (PWCS) or between the text of the PWDS and the standard details, the more stringent requirements as determined by the Public Works Director shall apply.

Copies of these design standards can be obtained from City of Silverton, Oregon, 306 S. Water St., Silverton, OR 97381.

It is anticipated that revisions to the design standards will be made from time to time. The date appearing on the title page is the date of latest revision of the text portion of the standards. The date appearing on the details is the date of latest revision of that particular detail.