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1.Contractor shall procure and conform to all construction permits required by the City of Silverton and/or Marion County, and conform to all conditions and requirements of said permits. Issuance of a City Public Works street/site/utility construction permit does not relieve the contractor from obtaining any and all reviews and permits required under building, plumbing or electrical codes that any portions of the work may be subject to (including a site plumbing permit if required), or from any requirements under permits which may be required for the project by other agencies with jurisdiction.

2.Contractor shall procure a right-of-entry permit from ODOT State Highway Division for all work within the State right-of-way and conform to all conditions of the permit.

3.Contractor shall procure a right-of-entry permit from affected railroads for all work within the railroad right-of-way and conform to all conditions of the permit.

4.A copy of final approved construction drawings and any required permits shall be kept on­ site at all times, for review by inspectors upon request.

5.Contractor shall provide all bonds and insurance required by public-and/or private agencies having jurisdiction.

6.All materials and workmanship for facilities in street right-of-way or easements shall conform to approving agencies' construction specifications wherein each has jurisdiction, including but not limited to the City, County, Oregon Health Authority-Drinking Water Services (OHA­ DWS) and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

7.Unless otherwise approved by the Public Works Director, construction of all public facilities shall be done between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Saturday.

8.The Contractor shall perform all work necessary to complete the project in accordance with the approved construction drawings including such incidentals as may be necessary to meet applicable agency requirements and provide a completed project.

9.Contractor to notify City, County, ODOT and all utility companies a minimum of 48 business hours (2 business days) prior to start of construction, and comply with all other requirements of ORS 757.541 to 757.571.

10.Any inspection by the City, County or other agencies shall not, in any way, relieve the Contractor from any obligation to perform the work in strict compliance with the applicable codes and agency requirements.

11.All traffic control plans & measures shall be approved by the agency with jurisdiction and in place prior to any construction activity. Contractor shall erect and maintain barricades, warning signs, traffic cones (and all other traffic control devices required) per City, County and ODOT requirements in accordance with the current MUTCD (including Oregon amendments). Access to driveways and buildings shall be maintained at all times for residential, fire and emergency vehicles.

12.Record Drawings. The Contractor shall maintain one complete set of approved drawings on the construction site at all times whereon he will record any approved deviations in construction from the approved drawings, as well as the station locations and depths of all existing utilities encountered (whether or not existing utilities are shown on the construction drawings). These field record drawings shall be kept up to date at all times and shall be available for inspection by the City upon request. Information on the field record drawings shall include reference measurements and materials type.

13.Upon completion of construction of public facilities, Contractor shall submit a clean set of field record drawings containing all as-built information to the Design Engineer for use in the preparation of As-Built drawings for submittal to the City.

14.The Contractor shall submit a suitable maintenance bond prior to final payment or final approval where required by public and/or private agencies having jurisdiction.

15.Contractor shall procure and conform to DEQ stormwater permit No. 1200C for construction activities where 1 acre or more are disturbed.

16.Elevations shown on the drawings are based from ___________ (City; OSHD, etc.) Bench Mark

__________ , Elevation __________(adjusted 19_), ___________ consisting of a ___________ (brass cap; monument, etc.)

Located at ___________, which is based on the NGVD 1929 datum corresponding to the FEMA flood map elevations.

17.Address Numbers. Per OFC 505.1, all new and existing buildings shall have approved address numbers (4" minimum number height, color to contrast with background) placed in a position that is plainly legible and visible from the fronting street. For flaglots or other situations where the structure is not visible from the public street, an address sign shall be installed near the entrance to the driveway or private road. Temporary address signs shall be mounted in a visible location prior to and during any construction, and the permanent numbers mounted prior to occupancy, in a position that is plainly legible and visible from the street fronting the property.

18.Contractor is solely responsible for assuring that any site, street or utility work within the jurisdiction of the City, meets or exceeds any and all legal requirements and any and all industry best practices in the design, construction and/or performance of such site, street or utility work. Contractor is solely responsible for payment of any assessment, fine, penalty, claim, damages or costs that result from Contractor's (1) performing site, street or utility work or (2) failing to perform site, street or utility work that meets or exceeds any and all legal requirements and industry best practices. The City may require and Contractor shall provide the City with confined space entry plans conforming with the requirements of OR-OSHA, traffic control plans, or other plans or performance descriptions necessary or desirable for the Public Works Director to assure that these requirements can be met in performing the work.

The City's acceptance, review, or comments on or about the adequacy of any such plan shall not remove or reduce Contractor's sole responsibility to meet any and all legal requirements, administrative requirements, or industry best practices, and Contractor specially assumes, will defend, and will indemnify the City for any liability, damages, fines, fees or assessments related in any manner to Contractor's site, street or utility work.

19.All construction water must be obtained through an approved hydrant meter or bulk water meter, at a location approved by Public Works.

20.The Contractor shall provide the City and the project engineer with the names and 24 hour telephone numbers of at least two persons associated with the project who can be contacted outside of regular work hours in case of emergencies.