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201 34' Local Street (Parking Both Sides) Minimum Section

201A 28' Local Street (Parking One Side) Minimum Section

201B 28' Local Street (Hillside/Low Volume, Parking One Side) Minimum Section

202 38' Residential Collector (Bike Lanes & No Parking) Minimum Section

202A 34' Collector (Hillside or Infill, Parking or Bike Lane per TSP) Minimum Section

202B 36' Downtown Collector (Parking Both Sides) Minimum Section

203 Industrial Street Minimum Section

204 Arterial (General Configuration) (Width per TSP & Land Use) Minimum Section

205 Standard Cul-de-sac (Residential)

206 Offset Cul-de-sac (Residential)

207 Eyebrow Cul-de-sac (Residential)

210 Type "A" Curb and Gutter and Weephole

211 Type "C" Curb and Weephole

212 Curbline Sidewalks and Driveway Apron

212A Residential D/W Apron, Curbline Sidewalk, Uphill Lots Only

213 Property Line Sidewalks and Driveway Apron

213B 24" Deep, 30" Ø 4 Panel Root Barrier Tree Wells

213C 24" Deep, 38" Ø 5 Panel Root Barrier Tree Wells

214A Intersection Curb Ramps, Curbline Sidewalks, Local Streets

214B Intersection Curb Ramps, Property Line Sidewalks, Local Streets

214C Curb Ramps Between Intersections

216 Commercial Driveway Approach

217 Curb Knockout for New Driveways on Existing Curbed Streets

220 Hammerhead Turnaround (Private Drives Only)

225 Street Barricade (Stub Streets)

226 6-inch Bollard (Guard Post)

227 8-inch Bollard (Guard Post)

230 Typical Street Lamp Post

231 Sign Post for Street Signs, Stop Signs & Traffic Control Signs

232 Typical Stop Sign & Street Sign Location & Offsets

235 Offstreet Parking Dimensions, One Way Traffic Flow

236 Offstreet Parking Dimensions, Two Way Traffic Flow

237 Double Accessible Parking Space

238 Accessible Routes and Crossings in Vehicular Areas

239 Precast Wheelstop Detail

240 Trash and Recycling Enclosure