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a. Detectable or non-detectable acid and alkali resistant safety warning tape shall be provided along the full length of all service laterals and along the full length of all mainlines.

b. Underground warning tape shall be placed a minimum of 12-inches and a maximum of 18-inches below the finish ground surface, and shall be continuous the entire length of the service laterals installed from the mainline to the back of the PUE. Where required for mainlines not located under sidewalks or paved portions of public streets, the warning tape shall be continuous between manholes or cleanouts.

c. All sanitary piping (both public lines and private lines within right-of-way or easements) shall have an electrically conductive tracer wire, 12 gauge minimum size single strand insulated copper with green sheathing, installed in the trench for the purpose of locating the pipe in the future. The tracer wire shall run the full length of the installed pipe, with each end accessible from the surface through a manhole or cleanout.

d. All tracer wire shall be tone tested by Public Works Staff before final acceptance from the City.