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a. As a minimum criterion, construction of the storm service laterals shall be of the same quality and meet the same requirements as the public storm drain with regard to materials, water tightness, and location. In addition, these storm drains shall conform to the State and local plumbing codes and restrictions.

b. Storm drain laterals shall be installed for each newly created legal lot in a development, regardless of lot grade to the fronting curb (positive or negative). The storm drain system must be designed with sufficient depth and grade to in order to meet this requirement.

c. In all cases, storm drain lines shall be provided as required to prevent roof and surface drainage from flowing across pedestrian access routes.

d. A cleanout shall be installed at the right-of-way or easement line for all storm drain service laterals. The storm drain service lateral shall extend beyond the cleanout to the back of any private utility easement (PUE) fronting the right-of-way or easement.

e. The minimum inside diameter of a storm drain lateral shall be four (4) inches and shall be equal to or greater than the building drain diameter.

f. Additional storm laterals must be stubbed into the property lines sufficient to serve all residential parcels (including those which can be further partitioned in the future) where such service or future partition would require that new streets be cut to install such services.