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a. These Standards govern all construction and upgrading of all public and private drainage facilities in the City of Silverton and applicable work within its service areas. These Standards apply to all drainage facilities which impact any public storm drain system, public right-of-way or easement dedicated to or located within the City and within all off-street parking and loading areas.

b. All storm water runoff shall be conveyed to a public storm drain or natural drainage channel having adequate capacity to carry the flow without overflowing or otherwise causing damage to public and private property. In the case of private development, the developer shall pay all costs associated with designing and constructing the facilities necessary to meet this requirement.

c. Permanent storm drain facilities shall be provided to all properties within the City in accordance with these Standards. This shall generally be interpreted to mean that permanent storm drainage facilities shall be provided for the following types of development:

1) Existing legal lots of record at the time development occurs;

2) All partitions and subdivisions;

3) Developments entailing construction which will change the point of discharge of surface waters, the quantity of discharge, or will discharge water at a higher velocity than that of the preconstruction discharge rate.

4) Construction or reconstruction of public or private streets and temporary detours;

5) Developments entailing construction in or adjacent to any existing stream or watercourse including intermittent streams.