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a. The classification of arterials and collectors is established by the Silverton Transportation System Plan (TSP) and other documents, while industrial and commercial streets are established by the surrounding land use designation. Streets currently designated as arterial and collector streets are as outlined below for reference. The current TSP is the official street classification source.

1) Arterial:

Hwy 213 (Oak St)


0N 1st St-Hillsboro Silverton Hwy (north of Lewis St)

0E "C" St (N 1st St to N Water St)

0Water St (southerly from C St)

0Lewis St (Water St to 1st St)

W Main St - Cascade Hwy (SE of Water St)

N Water St (James St to C St)

James St (Pine St to Water St)

Pine St (west of James St)

C St (Water St to Silverton Rd)

Westfield St

Silverton Road

McClaine St

Main St (1st St to Water St)

Hobart Road (1st St to Monitor Rd)

Monitor Rd (Hobart Rd to Oak St)

2) Collector:

Hobart Rd (west of 1st St)

James St

N 2nd St (Hobart Rd to E Main St)

Eureka Ave

E Main St (1st St to Steelhammer Rd)

Steelhammer Rd

Evans Valley Rd

Pioneer Dr (N of Water St)

Ike Mooney Rd (north of Pioneer Dr)

Future Collectors

Pioneer Dr alignment (north to Oak St)

Westem Ave alignment (east of James St)

3) Neighborhood Collector:

S 3rd St (Koons to Main St)

W Center St (Westfield to Main St)

Jefferson St

Ike Mooney Rd (Water St to Pioneer Dr)

Koons St (Water St to S 3rd St)

Mill St (Jefferson St to Oak St)

4) Commercial/Industrial Streets include those streets within or fronting commercial or industrial zones.