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a. In addition to the purposes outlined under Division 1 of these Design Standards, the purpose of these Standards is to:

1) provide design guidance criteria to the private sector for the design of public and private streets within the City;

2) establish standard right-of-way widths and improvement requirements for the appropriate street classifications;

3) require the use of design and materials to provide streets with a minimum practical design life of not less than 30 years.

4) ensure the development of a street system which will:

a) be of adequate design to handle the traffic needs for the City of Silverton;

b) be designed in a manner to allow economical future maintenance;

c) be designed to safely accommodate all transportation modes;

Alternate materials and methods will be considered for approval on the basis of these objectives.

b. These Standards cannot provide for all situations. They are intended to assist but not to substitute for competent work by professional design engineers.