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a. As-built drawings prepared by the design engineer (or engineer-of-record) are required whenever the work results in new or modified public improvements and shall describe all revisions to the previously approved construction drawings. The Engineer shall utilize information from the Contractor's field record drawings, the engineer's field inspections, and the as-built survey as applicable to ensure that records accurately reflect as-built conditions.

b. Show all below grade franchise or private utility vaults and street crossing, as well as all above grade transformers, pedestals, etc.

c. The location of all utility stubs shall be shown on the as-builts (sanitary sewer and storm) based on distance ties from two permanent points. The tie points shall be immovable structures, such as property pins, street monuments or the center of manholes.

d. The new sanitary sewer manholes and/or mainline cleanouts will be assigned the associated station number by the City at the as-built stage. City sewer manhole numbers shall be shown on the record drawings in parenthesis next to the design manhole designation. If street names are changed, the new street name shall be shown on the as-built drawings in parenthesis next to the original design street names. Since the inspection reports, TV inspection reports, etc., will reference the design street names and design sewer manhole numbers, the records need to retain the design information (in addition to showing the new City sewer manhole numbers and as-built street names) to allow reference to the construction report documents.

e. The recording references for the easement documents for all existing or required easements shall be included on the as-built drawings.

f. Legible black-line copies of the record drawings shall be submitted to the City prior to the final walkthrough inspection and submittal of the record drawing. Following the final walkthrough, submit approved as-built drawings on 3 mil mylar to the Director.

g. In addition to the record drawings, a digital map shall be submitted to the City showing the final configuration of lot lines and right-of-way lines within or fronting the development. The drawing shall be in AutoCAD format, with lot lines; right-of­ way lines; utilities, easements, curb, and gutter on separate layers. Other than lot lines and right-of-way lines, the only other information shown shall be limited to street names and the name of the development.

i. A final grading plan shall be submitted.