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a. These Public Works Design Standards will be cited routinely in the text as the "Standards" or "PWDS".

b. Wherever specific supplementary standards are indicated (i.e. ASTM C-150), it is understood to mean the latest revision thereof.

c. In interpreting these Standards, it is understood that: (1) if the context so requires: (a) the singular pronoun includes the plural; (b) the masculine means the feminine and the neuter pronoun; and (2) all captions used therein are intended solely for the convenience of reference and shall in no way limit any of the provisions of these Standards.

d. These Standards apply to all improvements within existing and proposed public right-of-way and public utility easements, to all improvements to be maintained by the City and to all improvements for which the Development Code requires approval by the City. These Standards are guidelines for designers and developers in preparing their drawings and for City staff in reviewing drawings. Where minimum values are stated, greater shall not be used.

e. Requests for variances to these Standards shall be based on topography, right-of-way, geology or existing physical conditions imposing a hardship on the applicant. Any variance request must show the variance meets the intent of the standards and will not compromise safety, impact other properties or cause an increase in maintenance.

f. The City currently has physical Standards for the construction of streets and related work, sanitary sewers, storm drains and structures and waterlines covering the standard construction requirements for those facilities within the City of Silverton. Standard Specifications are hereinafter referred to as Public Works Construction Standards (PWCS) and can be reviewed at City Hall or the Public Works Department.

g. In the case of conflicts between the text of these design standards and the standard details or between the provisions of these design standards and the PWCS, the more stringent as determined by the Public Works Director shall apply. Acceptable materials shall be as outlined in these Design Standards.

h. All other utility improvements, including telephone, electrical power, gas and cable shall meet the current standards of the appropriate agency as well as City standards.

i. Traffic Control Devices shall meet the standards of the current Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, including Oregon’s Amendments.

j. All work not covered by the above standards shall conform to the Oregon Standard Specifications for Construction - OSSC most recent edition as well as Marion County Public Work Engineering Standards.